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2551095 9 months ago Test jinja2 - boolean config options are represented as 0/1 strings. new rouilj  
2551090 10 months ago Update new rouilj rouilj
2551089 11 months ago pgp encrypt=yes, but password reset email is sent unencrypted new ThomasAH  
724648 14 months ago roundup-admin find should support more than links open rouilj richard
2550856 17 months ago Allow use of reStructured text (or maybe markdown or Creole) in messages new rouilj  
2550962 19 months ago Check uses of assert in roundup code. new rouilj  
2550656 20 months ago with more than 50 items, the simple classhelp javascript windows do not allow to select from all items (affects keywords, superceder) new tonimueller  
2550858 20 months ago Month intervals at the end of long months yield the wrong day new ThomasAH  
2550771 20 months ago Allow to find substring matches for all text search new ber  
2551036 26 months ago Support rate limiting in REST (and xmlrpc) interfaces open rouilj rouilj
2550750 34 months ago Handling of socket timeouts new joseph_myers rouilj
2550990 36 months ago Enable compression of data by roundup-server when requested new rouilj  
2550991 36 months ago Some mechanism to set expiration header or max age for static resources new rouilj  
2550961 37 months ago required attribute incorrectly shown when using field() new rouilj  
1796070 38 months ago not all strings localized in issue.index.html open btami jpend
1159337 45 months ago a Systeminfo page open endavis richard
2550944 51 months ago Adjust log levels to have INFO log interesting regular events new ber  
2550936 53 months ago email gateway discards changes to messages and files (done with subject tag) if there is a message body open rouilj  
2550780 61 months ago Remove 10-lines limit for dropping email signatures new ezio.melotti ezio.melotti
826984 61 months ago show current timezone open thomas_ah rouilj
2550922 61 months ago make mail addressed to update issue 25. new rouilj  
2550698 61 months ago Document the logical expression search a bit new ber  
2550897 61 months ago Add config option to set whitelist for acceptable mime types. - A better solution for serving html attachments new ber  
1760553 61 months ago one more classhelp argument - suggestion open tmikk richard
2550559 61 months ago Pretty printing / formatting for Number types. new ber  
859291 61 months ago Issue Update Fails when SMTP Server Fails open anonymous richard
2550916 61 months ago quiet properties enhancement for issue1714899 new rouilj  
2550915 61 months ago Recall queries that were public but are now private new rouilj  
716580 61 months ago Reimplement filtering on index page open richard richard
1539081 61 months ago little template api for required fields open tobias-herp  
925676 62 months ago Named quieries for shorter URL's open myers_carpenter  
2550752 62 months ago NOSY_EMAIL_SENDING == multiple and exchange duplicate message detection open vries schlatterbeck
1182919 62 months ago Allow searching for ranges for Number attributes open schlatterbeck richard
1296429 62 months ago classhelp should check permissions open schlatterbeck  
1726214 62 months ago relink / restore an unlinked / removed message open forest richard
1881085 62 months ago Invalid HTML in some places open epaepa richard
1292178 62 months ago Attachment not sent w/ Nosy email open diana_chen23  
2141835 62 months ago ZRoundup Patch for Zope 2.11+ open anonymous richard
1895197 62 months ago translated help texts in not displayed correctly open tobias-herp richard
1238984 62 months ago Full text search in CJK does not work open anonymous  
1513369 62 months ago input fields should have HTML id attributes open tobias-herp tobias-herp
640002 62 months ago Prepend tracker name to email subjects open jkew richard
1525113 62 months ago notation to filter by logged-in user open jonct rouilj
2550871 62 months ago Extending translation ability (for date at least) new antmail  
900029 64 months ago Separate templates SHA signature to ease version control open gimni richard
558562 64 months ago better help message for mailgw open richard richard
556996 64 months ago allow commands through mail gateway open richard richard
2550820 95 months ago Need an easier way to add a class to multiline() or field() generated html. new rouilj rouilj
2550804 101 months ago Better search list display new rouilj  
1876221 109 months ago Provide next/prev links open loewis richard
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