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2550916 36 months ago quiet properties enhancement for issue1714899 new rouilj
2550915 36 months ago Recall queries that were public but are now private new rouilj
1539081 36 months ago little template api for required fields open tobias-herp
925676 36 months ago Named quieries for shorter URL's open myers_carpenter
1296429 36 months ago classhelp should check permissions open schlatterbeck
1292178 36 months ago Attachment not sent w/ Nosy email open diana_chen23
1238984 36 months ago Full text search in CJK does not work open anonymous
2550871 36 months ago Extending translation ability (for date at least) new antmail
2550771 41 months ago Allow to find substring matches for all text search new ber
2550858 55 months ago Month intervals at the end of long months yield the wrong day new ThomasAH
2550804 75 months ago Better search list display new rouilj
772846 116 months ago Email Template open dotpuppy
2550924 1 month ago devel tracker template missing some patch support open rouilj
2550927 33 months ago Prevent reopening of issues after some time period has passed. new rouilj
2550815 35 months ago roundup-admin import for postgres causes id to be skipped new tekberg
1195739 36 months ago search in russian does not work open anonymous
729889 194 months ago *dbm backends don't lock (only) on commit open richard
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