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38 months ago RFE for login UI and sub-menu placement opendevnet
38 months ago MySQL support notes adustman
38 months ago Pretty printing / formatting for Number types. ber
38 months ago Issue Update Fails when SMTP Server Fails anonymous
38 months ago setup wizard tobias-herp
38 months ago quiet properties enhancement for issue1714899 rouilj
38 months ago Recall queries that were public but are now private rouilj
38 months ago mod_python 3.4.1 - add_cgi_vars() instead of add_common_vars() grisha
38 months ago Reimplement filtering on index page richard
38 months ago Add OpenID authentication, perhaps others? ajaksu2
38 months ago check functions for Permission.searchable [patch] elic
38 months ago little template api for required fields tobias-herp
38 months ago unselect all item on a multi select thomas-weber
38 months ago Jinja2 template needs fixing of value for __came_from rouilj
38 months ago Improving the test coverage of the Roundup test suite pefu
38 months ago Support alternate template engines lu_zero
38 months ago Named quieries for shorter URL's myers_carpenter
38 months ago search in russian does not work anonymous
38 months ago NOSY_EMAIL_SENDING == multiple and exchange duplicate message detection vries
38 months ago Allow searching for ranges for Number attributes schlatterbeck
38 months ago classhelp should check permissions schlatterbeck
38 months ago relink / restore an unlinked / removed message forest
38 months ago Invalid HTML in some places epaepa
38 months ago Attachment not sent w/ Nosy email diana_chen23
38 months ago ZRoundup Patch for Zope 2.11+ anonymous
38 months ago translated help texts in not displayed correctly tobias-herp
38 months ago Full text search in CJK does not work anonymous
38 months ago input fields should have HTML id attributes tobias-herp
38 months ago optimizing menu() et al. stefan
38 months ago Prepend tracker name to email subjects jkew
38 months ago Introduce HTMLDate.periodof(), Interval.period() functions antmail
38 months ago Support for memcached rodriguealcazar
38 months ago notation to filter by logged-in user jonct
38 months ago Extending translation ability (for date at least) antmail
39 months ago debug filter for Jinja2 antmail
40 months ago Roundup sets "Precedence: bulk" on all outgoing mail, which seems wrong. stefan
40 months ago filtering user list (need tmikk
40 months ago Separate templates SHA signature to ease version control gimni
40 months ago show retired/unretire commands jkew
40 months ago better help message for mailgw richard
40 months ago allow commands through mail gateway richard
40 months ago patch for creating trackers within Postgresql schema smcgraw
40 months ago remove-user buttons should be removed for admin an guest (anonymous) radioking
40 months ago VCS support mariod
43 months ago Allow to find substring matches for all text search ber
43 months ago Migrate to setuptools jerrykan
50 months ago Small fix to date format() function antmail
51 months ago Documentation: update the roundup-mailgw manpage (check other manpages as well) ber
53 months ago Cleanup/removal of roundup.anypy.email_ module jerrykan
54 months ago No i18n translation in (at least) antmail
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