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5 months ago mailgw submission fails, nosy mail gets sent, message not added to database marcus.priesch
6 months ago Calender 'next month' link fails on day 31 of a month schlatterbeck
6 months ago Add support for specifying valid origins for api: xmlrpc/rest rouilj
6 months ago Add config option to set whitelist for acceptable mime types to serve. - A better solution for serving html attachments ber
6 months ago Document the logical expression search a bit ber
6 months ago Allow file upload by drag and drop into text input area with image preview. rouilj
6 months ago improve i18n handling marcus.priesch
7 months ago Replace references to distutils in roundup/dist/command rouilj
8 months ago Login limit needs to protect REST and xmlrpc as well. rouilj
9 months ago Fix roundup for removal of cgi and cgitb standard python modules (and FieldStorage/MiniFieldStorage) rouilj
10 months ago Provide a mixin to save image files in avif format and convert to other image types rouilj
11 months ago Support adding webmention to links rouilj
11 months ago textarea wrap="hard" doesn't work with firefox 68 LudwigReiter
11 months ago Allow linking to specific messages in issue/task item view rouilj
12 months ago Markdown-it js in browser and markdown-it-py in server?? rouilj
12 months ago Run roundup on pypy interpreter rouilj
12 months ago Document how to deploy wheel (.whl) package for roundup. rouilj
13 months ago Add show password to all bundled templates rouilj
13 months ago @filter in web interface should validate fieldnames rouilj
13 months ago xmlrpc filter by non-existent field returns all issues - should error rouilj
14 months ago Handle errors when running with -W error rouilj
15 months ago Make and ExportCSVIDAction support transitive props rouilj
15 months ago a Systeminfo page endavis
15 months ago Make password reset method less useful for account guessing rouilj
15 months ago relink / restore an unlinked / removed message forest
15 months ago Atom feeds for issue changes techtonik
15 months ago Separate templates SHA signature to ease version control gimni
15 months ago Show Python, Roundup version at bottom with more stats techtonik
15 months ago Document how to set up and use PGP encrypted emails. rouilj
16 months ago Possible design for new tracker rouilj
16 months ago Make multi-traversal REST API search in Roundup possible tttech-klonner
16 months ago VCS support mariod
16 months ago Automated method to purge inactive users. rouilj
17 months ago consider adding scrypt or argon2 for password hashing to replace pbkdf2 rouilj
17 months ago Markdown2 emphasis intra-word ced
17 months ago help_commands_html unused joseph_myers
17 months ago show retired/unretire commands jkew
17 months ago Allow roundup-admin pack <date> <class+|designator+> rouilj
18 months ago MySQL support notes adustman
18 months ago "roundup-server -S" resets and does not update config.ini rouilj
18 months ago Should be possible to search for matching several keywords (keyword1 AND keyword2) ber
18 months ago Search enhancement - merge queries as sets rouilj
19 months ago Return accept-patch if patch body not accepted (415 code) rouilj
19 months ago FR: Calendar localization ngaba
19 months ago Detector errors (Value-, Key-, IndexError) should raise a traceback schlatterbeck
20 months ago FR: Add an option to hide the option "- no selection -" in the <select> menu ngaba
20 months ago optimizing menu() et al. stefan
20 months ago Use utf8mb4 as a default for MySQL instead of utf8 whunger
20 months ago Replace xmlrpclib (xmlrpc.client) with defusedxml rouilj
20 months ago Create new Computed property type rouilj
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