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10 months ago Enable openid/login with github on this tracker, possibly include as plugin addon rouilj
10 months ago Update docs on how to access headers from an action rouilj
10 months ago roundup-server should exit with error if -d <pidfile> is used without -l <logfile> rouilj
11 months ago Handle empty states in index view rouilj
11 months ago add sql subcommand to roundup-admin (use roundup-admin to change sqlite journal mode) rouilj
11 months ago Grab bag of other thoughts on JWT credentials rouilj
11 months ago Consider macaroon bearer auth token support using pymacaroons rouilj
11 months ago Change password reset not send password via email rouilj
12 months ago set lang=en attribute on rouilj
12 months ago Refactor doc/customizing.txt split using diataxis framework rouilj
12 months ago doesn't merge user defined classes rouilj
13 months ago mistune 2.0 support rouilj
13 months ago Allow ordering/renaming of public queries. rouilj
13 months ago Named queries for shorter URL's myers_carpenter
13 months ago Support for memcached rodriguealcazar
14 months ago Add saved query display for anonymous user. rouilj
14 months ago Support rate limiting in REST (and xmlrpc) interfaces rouilj
14 months ago Use redis as caching layer or session db implementation. rouilj
14 months ago Email Template dotpuppy
14 months ago Implement CSRF protection for rouilj
14 months ago Send notification to user if password or emails are changed rouilj
14 months ago roundup-demo doesn't support --help rouilj
14 months ago Add ugc relations to links. rouilj
14 months ago Internal errors cause WSGI to exit without calling start_response() rouilj
14 months ago Make password reset one time key time limited rouilj
14 months ago Wiki theme updates - moinmoin mobile support needed rouilj
14 months ago Document PEM file for roundup-server needs to include both key and cert. rouilj
14 months ago Allow roundup to use setproctitle if setproctitle package installed. rouilj
14 months ago Should the ETag Header get sent on POST, PUT and PATCH ? marcus.priesch
14 months ago Allow sharing of ticket info via networked help desk rouilj
15 months ago Find out why jinja2 template is missing _generic.item.html rouilj
15 months ago Month intervals at the end of long months yield the wrong day ThomasAH
15 months ago Implement Server-Timing headers for stats rouilj
16 months ago Calender 'next month' link fails on day 31 of a month schlatterbeck
16 months ago Add config option to set whitelist for acceptable mime types to serve. - A better solution for serving html attachments ber
16 months ago Document the logical expression search a bit ber
16 months ago Allow file upload by drag and drop into text input area with image preview. rouilj
17 months ago Replace references to distutils in roundup/dist/command rouilj
18 months ago Login limit needs to protect REST and xmlrpc as well. rouilj
21 months ago Support adding webmention to links rouilj
21 months ago textarea wrap="hard" doesn't work with firefox 68 LudwigReiter
21 months ago Allow linking to specific messages in issue/task item view rouilj
22 months ago Markdown-it js in browser and markdown-it-py in server?? rouilj
22 months ago Run roundup on pypy interpreter rouilj
22 months ago Document how to deploy wheel (.whl) package for roundup. rouilj
23 months ago Add show password to all bundled templates rouilj
24 months ago @filter in web interface should validate fieldnames rouilj
24 months ago xmlrpc filter by non-existent field returns all issues - should error rouilj
25 months ago Handle errors when running with -W error rouilj
25 months ago Make and ExportCSVIDAction support transitive props rouilj
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