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2551060 8 hours ago Message not getting word wrapped when using Firefox Browser new matt109
2550523 5 days ago Add OpenID authentication, perhaps others? (github) new ajaksu2
2550705 5 days ago test requires "CREATE" privilege on Pg - print creation command required for postgresql admin new tonimueller
2551055 2 weeks ago cleanup old wiki new ber
2551056 2 weeks ago Wiki: Fix roundup theme for new version of moinmoin new ber
2551054 3 weeks ago Fix website/issues screen-switcher-default.css link new ber
2551032 1 month ago Roundup issue tracker does not permit a user to change their email address open tmikk
2551051 1 month ago Transitive filters don't work in rest interface new rouilj
2550998 3 months ago Consider removing 8-bit character set support new joseph_myers
2551017 3 months ago Error when configuring New -L (loghttpvialogger) option new matt109
2550974 3 months ago Get all incoming mail interfaces working with Python 3 new joseph_myers
2551013 6 months ago Reversed sorting in hyperdb property wrapper object's sorted() method new davidsowder
2550903 6 months ago Unable to change(save) user details on open pefu
2550734 7 months ago Expose roundup via a RESTful interface. open rouilj
2550930 9 months ago add support for local_replace to classic template new ber
2551015 9 months ago Descending/Ascending selection for keyword doesn't new tekberg
2551005 11 months ago mod_python discontinued new tekberg
2550951 11 months ago __redirect_to is restricted to absolute url only (Attn Bern, Ralf) new antmail
2550973 12 months ago Get all web interfaces working with Python 3 new joseph_myers
2550995 12 months ago KeyError classic during roundup-admin install new austin
2550985 14 months ago Consider distinguishing String and Bytes fields new joseph_myers
2550983 14 months ago help_commands_html unused new joseph_myers
2550911 15 months ago make default_value in hyperdb work or at least document its use. new rouilj
2550741 20 months ago Add a +/- button to easily add/remove oneself from the Nosy list new gregory.p.smith
2550742 20 months ago Do not send email by default when adding or removing oneself from the Nosy list new gregory.p.smith
2550536 23 months ago Audit file/message linking/unlinking new ajaksu2
2550709 23 months ago Classic template binary search "(edit)" or "(expr)" link vanishes once an expression was entered new ber
2550720 23 months ago Install on Win 7, fails to detect missing python dependency new cscortes
2550941 24 months ago Logging in with email address fails new paulschreiber
2550943 28 months ago OpenPGP: losing emails when bouncing to users only unable to encrypt new ber
2550942 28 months ago OpenPGP: homedir option ignored for nosy messages new ber
2550939 29 months ago Refactor use of javascript in templates to support Content Security Policy (CSP) new rouilj
2550837 29 months ago New option for web auth (also http header passing) new antmail
2550935 31 months ago Calendar popup does not show current value of date field. Shows original value. new rouilj
2550888 38 months ago Make classname translatable new antmail
2550917 38 months ago Add a: "Welcome user, you have logged in" ok_message on login. new rouilj
2550788 38 months ago Does not support non-ascii chars for All text search (with Xapian) new jerome
2550913 38 months ago Allow selecting/bookmarking of sets of issues new rouilj
2550725 38 months ago VARCHAR in multilink tables on MySQL new whunger
2550566 38 months ago apache wsgi docs new galis
2550867 38 months ago Bounced message should be sent as message/rfc822 attachment new ced
2550878 38 months ago Option description from customizing should be generated from new ber
2550797 38 months ago Support AJAX for web frontends. new stefan
2550824 38 months ago Allow include image from clipboard to comment new jan.tylich
2550710 38 months ago Classic template binary search: Too HTML4 specific new ber
2550708 38 months ago Binary filter operators specific to "keyword" should be more generic new ber
2550906 39 months ago Do not e-mail me about my own actions, at least optionally open Ivan Pozdeev
2550736 39 months ago Show Python, Roundup version at bottom with more stats new techtonik
2550652 39 months ago Increase flexibility and scope of UI of issue new jan.koprowski
2550506 39 months ago should properly set the group for the files new lu_zero
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