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2551206 2 days ago Remove mention of roundup windows installer from installation.txt new rouilj
2551203 3 days ago Add support for CORS preflight request open marcus.priesch
2550995 6 days ago KeyError classic during roundup-admin install open austin
2551198 1 month ago mistune 2.0 support new rouilj
2551173 2 months ago Should the ETag Header get sent on POST, PUT and PATCH ? new marcus.priesch
2551190 3 months ago Allow reindex to work in batches new rouilj
2551193 3 months ago Fix roundup for removal of cgi and cgitb standard python modules (and FieldStorage/MiniFieldStorage) new rouilj
2551195 3 months ago Replace optparse (deprecated in python 3.2) with argparse new rouilj
2551154 4 months ago Support adding webmention to links new rouilj
2551070 5 months ago textarea wrap="hard" doesn't work with firefox 68 new LudwigReiter
2551180 5 months ago Allow linking to specific messages in issue/task item view new rouilj
2551177 5 months ago Consider macaroon bearer auth token support using pymacaroons new rouilj
2551176 5 months ago Markdown-it js in browser and markdown-it-py in server?? new rouilj
2551174 5 months ago Run roundup on pypy interpreter new rouilj
2551088 6 months ago Add norefererer to link representation new rouilj
2551162 7 months ago Add show password to all bundled templates new rouilj
2551165 7 months ago @filter in web interface should validate fieldnames new rouilj
2551160 8 months ago Make and ExportCSVIDAction support transitive props new rouilj
2551157 8 months ago Change password reset not send password via email new rouilj
2551146 9 months ago Generating locale info reports errors with misformatted strings new rouilj
2550681 9 months ago Atom feeds for issue changes new techtonik
2550736 9 months ago Show Python, Roundup version at bottom with more stats new techtonik
2551153 9 months ago Implement Server-Timing headers for stats new rouilj
2551152 9 months ago Document how to set up and use PGP encrypted emails. new rouilj
2551150 9 months ago Possible design for new tracker new rouilj
2550547 9 months ago VCS support open mariod
2551148 10 months ago Automated method to purge inactive users. new rouilj
2551145 10 months ago consider adding scrypt or argon2 for password hashing to replace pbkdf2 new rouilj
2551105 10 months ago Markdown2 emphasis intra-word new ced
2551144 11 months ago Use subtransactions for error handling during roundup import?? new rouilj
2550983 11 months ago help_commands_html unused new joseph_myers
2550721 11 months ago Support for memcached new rodriguealcazar
2551139 11 months ago "roundup-server -S" resets and does not update config.ini new rouilj
2551056 12 months ago Wiki: Fix roundup theme for new version of moinmoin new ber
2551131 12 months ago Return accept-patch if patch body not accepted (415 code) new rouilj
2551124 13 months ago FR: Calendar localization new ngaba
2551121 13 months ago FR: Add an option to hide the option "- no selection -" in the <select> menu new ngaba
2551102 15 months ago Refactor doc/customizing.txt new rouilj
2551091 19 months ago OpenPGP Mail should not change subject on memory-hole (protected headers) new ber
2550951 21 months ago __redirect_to is restricted to absolute url only (Attn Bern, Ralf) new antmail
2550564 22 months ago Roundup sets "Precedence: bulk" on all outgoing mail, which seems wrong. open stefan
2551075 29 months ago in "reponsive" template: in bug (and task) creation it is not visible, which fields are required. new LudwigReiter
2551074 29 months ago In "responsive" template: click on hide comment leads to a red error msg. open LudwigReiter
2551073 29 months ago In "responsive" template list of multi link field is not working correct. new LudwigReiter
2551017 30 months ago Error when configuring New -L (loghttpvialogger) option (on windows) new matt109
2550911 30 months ago make default_value in hyperdb work or at least document its use. new rouilj
2550725 31 months ago VARCHAR in multilink tables on MySQL new whunger
2551068 31 months ago Provide way to retrieve file/msg data via rest endpoint. new rouilj
2550758 31 months ago Skip NODEFAULT web address in email signature new wking
2551063 31 months ago Rest/Xmlrpc interfaces needs failed login protection new rouilj
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