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yesterday Make mail gateway issue matching more fault tolerant Heiko
yesterday Test Roundup with TIDB (mysql compatible distributed database) rouilj
3 days ago Better templating support for JavaScript rouilj
1 week ago In installation.txt clarify source directory. rouilj
2 weeks ago Rest/Xmlrpc interfaces needs failed login protection rouilj
2 weeks ago Add support for specifying valid origins for api: xmlrpc/rest rouilj
2 weeks ago Document python2 support plan rouilj
3 weeks ago Provide a mixin to save image files in avif format and convert to other image types rouilj
1 month ago Modify password PBKDF2 method to use SHA512 rouilj
1 month ago REST X-Total-Count header and @total_size count incorrect when paginated rouilj
1 month ago travis ci python 2.7 environment missing GPG testing. rouilj
1 month ago Support limiting POST (file upload) size rouilj
1 month ago deprecate SSHA password hash method. rouilj
1 month ago Repurpose superseder field to related field. rouilj
1 month ago Invalid HTML in some places - change templates to html5 epaepa
1 month ago Traceback in email gateway schlatterbeck
1 month ago psycopg2 doesn't have 'errors' in earlier versions, failing indexer tests on Debian buster schlatterbeck
1 month ago Use utf8mb4 as a default for MySQL instead of utf8 whunger
1 month ago Replace classhelp/calendar frame system rouilj
1 month ago User signup email flow improvements rouilj
1 month ago Add REST support for history rouilj
1 month ago Make translation easier for translators. rouilj
1 month ago Weird error with PrioList of detectors schlatterbeck
2 months ago consider where __slots__ may be useful rouilj
2 months ago Add support for psycopg3 library rouilj
2 months ago Fix roundup for removal of cgi and cgitb standard python modules (and FieldStorage/MiniFieldStorage) rouilj
3 months ago add support for zoneinfo (python 3.9+) in addition to pytz rouilj
3 months ago consider adding scrypt or argon2 for password hashing to replace pbkdf2 rouilj
3 months ago Update install doc to include setup/run with virtual env rouilj
3 months ago Consider adding purge function - delete info files/msgs (e.g. secrets/PII) rouilj
3 months ago Add verification step to message/file unlinking in ui. rouilj
4 months ago Implement schema permissions for roundup-admin (possibly password too) rouilj
4 months ago Add index creation to schema definition schlatterbeck
4 months ago Adding structured API error messages rouilj
4 months ago Add support for external files stefan
4 months ago remove-user buttons should be removed for admin an guest (anonymous) radioking
4 months ago Does not support non-ascii chars for All text search (with Xapian) jerome
4 months ago Improving the test coverage of the Roundup test suite pefu
4 months ago yaml output of broken rouilj
4 months ago Enable openid/login with github on this tracker, possibly include as plugin addon rouilj
4 months ago Update docs on how to access headers from an action rouilj
4 months ago Skip NODEFAULT web address in email signature wking
4 months ago roundup-server should exit with error if -d <pidfile> is used without -l <logfile> rouilj
5 months ago Handle empty states in index view rouilj
5 months ago add sql subcommand to roundup-admin (use roundup-admin to change sqlite journal mode) rouilj
5 months ago Grab bag of other thoughts on JWT credentials rouilj
5 months ago Consider macaroon bearer auth token support using pymacaroons rouilj
5 months ago Change password reset not send password via email rouilj
6 months ago set lang=en attribute on rouilj
6 months ago Refactor doc/customizing.txt split using diataxis framework rouilj
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